Founded in March 2010 and located in Zhenjiang Eco-plating Specialized Zone, Zhenjiang Aureate Stone Electroplating Co., Ltd. is a kind of contracting electroplating company. Based on excellent electroplating technology and relying on Zhenjiang Eco-plating Specialized Zone, Aureate Stone Electroplating Ltd is on its road to become a well-known electroplating company in Zhenjiang and even in the whole country. Aureate Stone Electroplating Ltd has a 2600-square-meter standard factory building, a total asset of 10million, and 70members, with its annual sale reaching 40million.

Aureate Stone Electroplating Ltd produces gold, silver, nickel, tin, and Cu-Sn-Zn tri-alloy coatings with its adept manufacturing technique, advanced facilities, and standard test methods. The products of the company range from sophisticated electronic components, fine hardware to communications spare parts. Those products apply to IT industry, communications industry, aero-space industry, and many other industries.

Aureate Stone Electroplating Ltd is now in a robust development momentum. All its members spur themselves on the spirit of perseverance, making efforts to improve in all respects to become persistent and dauntless Aureate Stone people. They all along strive to build a bright future for Aureate Stone Electroplating. The company will repay debt to its employees and the whole society in the process of becoming a top-ranking electroplating company.

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