Chemical nickel plating uses and types

Electroless nickel coating of fine crystalline, low porosity, high hardness, coating evenly, good solderability, bath dissolves well plated, high chemical stability, therefore, widely used in electronics, aviation, aerospace, machinery, precision instruments,hardware, electronics and chemical industries.

Electroless nickel plating of non-metal materials are widely used, especially after electroless nickel plating on plastics can be required for conventional electroplatingplating on metal coating, made with metal-like appearance. Plastics products have been widely used in televisions, tape recorders, electronic components, appliances, manufactured goods, and so on.

Application of electroless nickel plating in the atomic energy industry, such as production of fuel system components and containers, as well as rockets, missiles, Jetengine parts.

Chemical equipment in the compressor and other components requiring corrosion, abrasion, chemical nickel plating is very favorable.

Electroless nickel coating also improves aluminum welding, copper and stainless steel material properties, reducing the wear of the moving parts, reduce the stress corrosion of stainless steels and titanium alloys.

Coating dimensions the exact precision of parts with complex geometry parts, in the deep holes, blind holes, electroless nickel plating on inner surface of the cavitycan be obtained with the same thickness of the coating on the outer surface.

For high hardness, wear resistance parts, electroless nickel plating can substitute hard chromium plating.