Electroplating process for evaluating what are the General index

Electroplating process for the evaluation of any number of common indicators to be used, usually divided into bath performance-related indicators and performance-related indicators. Electroplating technology of main indicators to set the bath, including the current efficiency bath (associated with the deposit rate), throwing and throwing ability, coating crystalline state, solution stability and operability (including process control, there are no special requirements to the equipment), the extent of the impact on the environment, economic (electroplating processing cost).

Coating performance is guaranteed by the plating process performance and quality indicators, are important indicators of level of intuitive assessment of the platingprocess, such as the decorative coating performance, lightness, corrosion resistance, brittle coating, porosity, etc. Functional coatings to add function performance indicators, such as conductivity, reflection coefficient, solderability, resistance to abrasion, etc.

These two types of indicators are higher levels of advanced technology, sometimes bath performance indicators of good process, the coating is not necessarily good indicators, and some indexes of plating process bath indicators are not good. Coating indicators dominated people to judge and select the plating process, that is to say in order to get a good coating sometimes forced into plating bath performance difference, such as decorative chromium plating is a typical example. Manycyanide electroplating coating performance is good but the impact on the environment of the coated kind.