How to address the expansion of the silver plating layer delamination problems!

Expansion and delamination method of silver plating:

There may be reasons for expansion, and does not regulate the use of electrolyte.All staff can try to adjust the specification for electrolytic silver plating factory. Make proper use of electrolyte. If you adjust the electrolyte, still does not solve the problem. Then we will have to correct our electrolyte. Electrolyte containing some elements, but not before reaching the silver standard, which led to the expansion of silver plating.

Solve the shedding problem of silver plating, silver plating manufacturers can try silver pieces in the soda ash solution, washed several times. Silver to silver after washing and store in dry environment, let it air-dry.

You can try either of the above methods, to solve the problem of expansion of silver plating and delamination.