Plating cannot be ignored 6 post processing techniques

Common post processing:


Polishing is achieved by polishing or mechanically polished metal surface smoothness and surface roughness of the reducing process, which can be directly used formetal surface processing, also used in the metal pretreatment and after finishing coating. Such as copper, nickel and other alloys and plating of copper, nickel, chromium, and decorative finishing of metallic coatings.

2.Passivation treatments

So-called passivation treatment refers to a certain solution for chemical treatment,in the coating forms a solid compact, high stability thin film of metal surface treatment method. Corrosion behavior of passivation coating greatly enhanced and increased surface gloss and anti-fouling. This method is widely used, after the zinc and copper, can be passivated.

3.Hydrogen treatment

Most of the base metal, such as steel, copper, before processing (pickling, cathode electrolytic degreasing) and electro-deposition process, will have a "hydrogen",some haven't even formed "hydrogen" called "hydrogen" form into in substrate and the coatings, plating embrittlement, seriously reducing the tensile strength of parts, called hydrogen embrittlement. In aerospace, automobile manufacturing and other fields using the components after plating must be "hydrogen", some in use require high tensile parts must be "hydrogen". Hydrogen treatment is carried out at200 ℃ temperature, processing time according to requirements to determine the tensile strength. Hydrogen treatment should be carried out within 3 hours after plating.


Metal surface coloring is used in a specific solution chemistry, electrochemistry, Exchange or heat treatment and other methods on the metal surface to form a layerof color film or interfere with the film. Due to various metal oxide colors, so that the colored metal surface of a different color, changed the original appearance of the metal, to imitate expensive metal, antique, decorative and other purposes.


Coating is a part of imitation gold and silver plating, coating or dipped in a layerof transparent organic coating, to prevent the continuation or coating discoloration process.

6.Sealing treatment

In order to improve corrosion resistance of workpiece in the atmosphere, using physical, chemical or electrochemical methods, its surface (or coating) uniformly covered with a layer of film, this process is known as closed.