Plating process requirements

1. Between coating and substrate, coating of metal and coating, should have goodadhesion.

2. The coating should be fine crystalline, smooth and uniform in thickness.

3. The thickness of the coating should have stipulated and fewer pores.

4. The coating should have stipulated targets such as light luminance, hardness, conductivity, etc. 

5. Temperature of plating and electroplating processes, determine the size of coating thickness.5. ambient temperature-10 ℃ ~ ℃;

6. Input voltage is 220V or 380V ± ± 22V 38V;

7. Water treatment device shall have a maximum working noise not exceed 80dB(a).

8. The relative humidity (RH) should not exceed 95%;

9. COD content of raw water for 100mg/L~150000mg/L.