Several surface treatment before electroplating of workpiece

On several common workpiece surface condition prior to plating, ultrasonic cleaning process description:

1. Cleaning polished surface polishing paste: under normal circumstances, often using wax polishing paste concoction, the paraffin molecular weight, melting point higher, solid at room temperature, is more difficult to clean the material, the traditional approach is the use of organic solvent cleaning or high temperature alkali water boil wash many ills. Adopting ultrasonic cleaning you can use a water-based cleaning agents, temperature, surface clean within minutes, commonly used processes are: soak → ① ② ③ water ultrasonic cleaning → (clean water), rinsed.

2. Oil and a small amount of rust on the surface of cold rolled steel sheets: cold-rolled steel sheet surface oil, dirt, or a small amount of rust, wash easily, but the General method of cleaning up after the workpiece surface is still a very thin layer offloating dust, affecting machining quality, sometimes have to acid immersion approach to remove the floating dust. Ultrasonic cleaning with suitable cleaning fluid, can be quickly and easily implement thorough cleaning of the workpiece surface, and the surface has a high activity, sometimes from electroplating, acid dipping operation before.

3. Oxidation of the surface skin and yellow rust of workpiece: the traditional approach is the use of hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid soak cleaning. Such as the use of ultrasonic integrated technology, can easily be removed within a few minutes thesurface oil, rust, and avoid the generation of acid cleaning with hydrogen embrittlement problems.