Silver plating layers

Electroplated coatings of silver category: coating of silver jewelry in the market at present has three main categories: yinyin plated accessories (light), platina silver plated accessories (black), the color gold and silver plating (yellow, rose and white colors).

Silver jewelry color is usually yellow, to beautiful method of electroless plating, silver plated with a layer of silver, this layer of silver is a white light. Silver surface bright silver plated by electroless method, this silver is yellow, shows silver color beige.

On the jewelry industry with 925 sterling silver or 990 directly processed into pure silver jewelry products, not plated with Platinum, prize money and other alloys, as well as set other jewels jade 925 sterling silver, S990 sterling silver jewelry called"Silver". Silver is easily oxidized in air, resulting in yellow silver; silver the material easy to meet sulphur black.