Analysis Of Purpose And Function Of Nickle Electroplating

1, purpose and role: Nickle Electroplating as the copper layer and the gold layer between the barrier layer to prevent gold and copper mutual penetration, affecting the board's solderability and service life; at the same time there is a nickel layer also greatly increased the gold layer Of the mechanical strength.

2, the whole board of copper-related process parameters: the addition of Nickle Electroplating additives generally in accordance with the method of thousands of hours to add or according to the actual production board effect, the amount of about 200ml / KAH; graphics Nickle Electroplating current calculation generally by 2 An / square Divided by the board can be plated area; nickel cylinder temperature maintained at between 40 to 55 degrees.

3, Nickle Electroplating process maintenance: every day according to the safety of thousands of hours to add nickel-plated additives; check the filter pump is working properly; each 2 to 3 hours using a clean wet wipes will be cathodic conductive rod scrub; weekly to regular analysis And through the Hall tank test to adjust the content of nickel-plated additives in a timely manner; every week to clean the anode conductive rod, the tank at both ends of the electrical connector, in time to supplement the titanium basket in the anode nickel angle, with low current electrolysis 6 to 8 hours; Month should check the anode titanium basket bag for damage and timely replacement; and check the anode titanium basket is deposited at the bottom of the anode mud; every two weeks to replace the filter pump filter.

Introduction of related materials for three - layer nickel electroplating

Multi-layer Nickle Electroplating refers to the combination of two or three layers of nickel on the same substrate. The proper combination can improve the protective effect of the coating on the substrate and reduce the thickness of the Nickle Electroplating layer under the same protective capacity. The current multi-layer nickel process can reduce the thickness of nickel coating, used in the automotive, motorcycle industry, can save costs and improve efficiency.

The key to the implementation of the three-layer Nickle Electroplating is to ensure the stability of the potential difference between the three layers and the adhesion of the coating. So the selection of electroplating additives to be careful, the electroplating equipment, the control of the conditions to be strict.

High sulfur nickel sandwiched between semi-bright nickel and bright nickel, thickness O. When the corrosion depth is deep into the semi-bright nickel, high sulfur nickel and light nickel, because the potential of the high sulfur nickel is the most negative, so as the corrosion of the original battery anode , So that corrosion to the horizontal development, delaying the progress of corrosion. The corrosion resistance of the three-layer nickel is better than that of the double-layer nickel of the same thickness. Thickness of three layers of nickel is set to a thickness greater than 50% of the total thickness, 20% of the total thickness of the bright nickel, and 10% of the total k thickness.