Analysis Of Unqualified Nickle Electroplating Plating

At the 7th International Nickle Electroplating Conference, Gronqvist, head of marketing at a Finnish company, said nickel plating was gaining market.

About 100,000 tons of Nickle Electroplating consumed worldwide are Nickle Electroplating, accounting for 8% of the total. Of which 90% is for the electroplating industry, 10% into the industrial market. An industrial market growth factor is the growth of battery foam nickel and fuel cell consumption, mainly for electric vehicles.

In the decoration market, electroplating nickel began to resurrected in electroplated aluminum wheels, lead products and motorcycles. Especially in Asia, a wide range of applications make it a very good market protection.

But Western Nickle Electroplating producers are beginning to face the threat of market transfer, mainly from the United States and Europe to India and China.

Because in the process of vacuum plating or traditional metal Nickle Electroplating process in the nickel production process, when the thickness of the nickel layer is not enough, or produce local uncoated nickel flaws, available plating method.

The workpiece is first subjected to anodic treatment in the following solutions:

Amount of sulfuric acid added

750g / L

The amount of glycerol added

60g / L

The amount of addition of chromic anhydride

50g / L

The amount of oxalic acid added

l0g / L

The control range of temperature in electroplating process

l5 ~ 25 ℃

DA specific parameters

0.8 to 1.2 A / dm2

The grasp of the time in the plating process

4 ~ 7s

After the solution treated with the above parts, immediately in 1: 3 hydrochloric acid dip l ~ 3s, which is mainly to wash away may be attached to the workpiece on the chromic acid, and then washed, quickly placed in cyanide copper plating tank Copper plating.

DK specific parameters

0.1 to O.2A / dm2

Time accuracy

5 ~ lOmin

Vacuum copper after the workpiece and then washed with water, and dip 30-50g / L dilute sulfuric acid, washed immediately after the nickel plating tank, according to the original conditions of nickel-plated. The filling time can be determined according to the required thickness.