Can Gold Electroplating Be Kept?

International turmoil, domestic prices soared, the stock market property market and other investment projects are increasingly sluggish. Therefore, more people will be filled with enthusiasm to the gold market. But do you know Gold Electroplating? What is 24k gold? What kind of Gold Electroplating is gold? What is the value of gold collection? Today we come to answer one by one.

1.K value and gold content

 "K" for the English word Karat (transliteration: carat) abbreviation. The word Karat comes from Arabic and refers to the seed of a tree. Because the weight of this seed is very consistent, it has been used as a weight in the past balance.

At that time, the total amount of a standard pure gold block, exactly equal to the weight of 24 seeds of this. Therefore, people use "24K" to represent 100% gold content of pure gold, and has been in use ever since.

2. Full gold and thousands of gold

In China, we used to use "fineness" to express. Used to use red gold, gold, seventy percent, Bacheng, and other words, to represent the gold jewelry gold content. Among them, the red gold for the high density of 24K gold. "Gold" means gold content of not less than 99%. "Thousands of gold" refers to the gold content of not less than 99.9% so also known as 999 gold. At present there are thousands of gold market that is, that is, 9999 gold, but most of the business propaganda is a gimmick, the state standard is three 9 thousand dollars.

3. What is the value of gold?

Go shopping malls often see some of the packaging on the product marked "Gold Electroplating ornaments." This Gold Electroplating and the original people to understand the gold plating in the process of being different. As a new process, Gold Electroplating coating corrosion resistance, good anti-discoloration ability, almost replaced the gold-plated. Experts remind consumers, although the Gold Electroplating ornaments also gold, and looks golden, but this product can only be used as a crafts appreciation, do not have the concept of hedging, not as an investment collection. 

4. buy "cultural gold" will be able to make money?

"Cultural gold", also known as gold cultural handicrafts, are generally limited edition, each with a separate number and collection certificate; the greater the weight, the less the circulation, more than 1000 grams of "cultural gold" generally higher Of the collection value. As the cultural gold has a unique style and meaning of profound cultural connotation, making gold in their own value on the basis of adding a layer of cultural charm. Experts remind that the purchase of cultural gold in addition to pay attention to the purchase channel to go through the quality supervision authority of the authority of the product, the cultural level of gold also need to consider.

5. Gold prices so high, do value worth of investment?

Simply from the price point of view, the price of gold is higher than a few years ago, but from the big environment, the absolute value of gold is not going to change too much. Coupled with the deteriorating world economic environment, have laid a solid foundation for the long-term rise in gold. Gold spot has always been a long-term investment varieties, as a resource products, because the scarcity and value-added is the same ancient law.