Coated Pin, Pitting And Peeling Is The Most Common Fault In Electroplating

Coated pin, pitting and plating peeling is the most common failure was mainly caused by the following reasons.

(1) The improper heat treatment process

In the machining process of parts surface adhesion of rust-proof oils, cutting fluids, oil, lubrication oils, grinding fluid, mould release agent mixed with dust, grindingdust sticking together to form thick dirt. If the above dirt is not removed before heat treatment, its hardened sintered refractory solid grease oil and rust is removedis difficult to clean, plated bubbles coated the coating forming gas hold-up pin holes.

(2) Poor pretreatment

Heat treatment inevitably gets stuck with a layer of oil on the surface of the workpiece, and when the dust settled on the surface and oil mixed together, over a longperiod of hard to clean, so that small oil spots formed on the surface of the workpiece is not obvious, plated bubble when stranded on the formation of pinholes. Addition used network with type resistance furnace quenching Shi, artifacts surface of oil and dust, impurities particles mixed stick in with, burn formed stubborn of solid grease, nitrate tempered Shi, above grease and and Nitro salt formed stubborn of hot polymer, plating Shi hard put above dirt real completely except NET, hydrogen bubble easy stick attached in dirt real above, to discharge, to makes coating produced pinhole and Ma points phenomenon, and with bubble gradually grew up, coating will automatically expansion broken, produced peeling phenomenon.