Common Aluminum Surface Treatment Methods

Surface treatment are to improve performance, the specific method to be familiar with, in order to correct operation, common aluminum surface treatment method which is divided into several?

1, metal plating method: more common, while polished after the plating process.

2, oxidation (color): aluminum surface treatment of oxidation in two ways, enhance the physical properties, can achieve the purpose of color.

3, rubbing: there is called drawing, the performance is similar to the car, are the surface of the formation of smooth continuous lines, the difference is that the performance of the car lines for the ring lines,

4, sandblasting: aluminum surface treatment is used to overcome and cover the aluminum alloy in the process of processing some of the defects and to meet customer appearance of some of the special requirements. There are glass sand, tungsten sand, showing a different feeling, similar to the rough texture of wool glass, fine sand can also show high-end products.

5, polished: to overcome the defect to deburring and make the surface bright role.

6, car pattern: aluminum surface treatment is mold processing and then processing the way, the use of lathe processing lines, the overall performance of the rules of the texture of the law.