Common Surface Treatment Technology Of Stone

Surface treatment on the surface of the matrix material to form a layer and the matrix of mechanical, physical and chemical properties of the surface of a different process. The purpose of surface treatment is to meet the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, decoration or other special functional requirements of the product. For metal castings, we are more commonly used surface treatment methods, mechanical polishing, chemical treatment, surface heat treatment, spraying surface, surface treatment is the workpiece surface cleaning, cleaning, deburring, decontamination, decontamination and so on.

The most important aspect in stone care is surface treatment. Stone surface treatment of good or bad, directly affect the customer's satisfaction of stone. So in life, stone commonly used surface treatment technology have what? Today, we are going to have a discussion with you.

1. Antique Stone Treatment:

We can use both physical and chemical methods for antique treatment. After processing the surface of the stone to achieve satin mercerizing and antique imitation of the old effect, while improving the Stone's anti-fouling, waterproof performance, and make the surface of stone has non-slip effect.

2. Non-slip Treatment:

Apply to the surface of stone, enhance the friction of contact surface, protect the walking safety. Suitable for staircases, entrances and all kinds of wet and slippery sites. The main types of materials are non-slip strip, non-slip tape, Non-slip curing agent.

3. Stone Seal Treatment:

With water contact more and prone to lesions of stone, can be coated by the method of the stone micro-hole closed, keep the stone long dry, improve the service life.

4. Stone Dyeing:

Because the stone has natural gap, pores, small holes, it is easy to absorb the external erosion. Using this principle, the color of the dye is made and the surface stain of the stone is treated.

5. Stone Surface Fluorocarbon Spraying treatment:

Stone long time by external factors, cleaning and renovation can not restore the natural texture of stone, the replacement of stone is to increase the cost of input, can be used stone surface of fluorocarbon spraying treatment, change the old status of stone at the same time to achieve waterproof, anti-fouling effect.

6. Hand-hit surface, stone carving, plane plane, litchi noodles, matte surface treatment:

Stone installation, after use because of its own characteristics and the lack of artificial technology, not to achieve the desired design, the use of the target, according to the site and personal preferences for the two-stage stone design. The use of professional tools on the surface of stone according to rules or irregular sorting hand-hit, stone carving, machine planing surface, litchi face, matte surface treatment, so that the stone show the alternative personality.

The Chinese stone industry needs to carry on the technological innovation, the enterprise development must adapt the beautiful China's construction cause. At the same time to do a good job of resource conservation and clean production. Whichever surface treatment technology is chosen, it is essential to protect the environment. Beijing Zhongke Innovation is committed to the national environmental protection cause, the center to promote environmental protection, energy-saving metal surface treatment technology.