Electroplated Coatings Of Nickel Appeared To Peel Off Because

There are two possible reasons for such failure, one poor adhesion between coating and substrate, and second, nickel-plated brittleness, malleability is small.

If improper heat treatment difficult to remove dirt or pretreatment is not complete, dirt mixed in between the substrate and the coating, coating and substrate adhesion is poor, following Assembly process, easy to peel off.

When the ratio of brightener for inappropriate or of poor quality, pH value is toohigh, excessive current density and bath temperature too low, will cause after the cathodic reduction of hydrogen ions, then state of atomic hydrogen into the basemetal and coating, arising from decreased the toughness of base metal and coating, "hydrogen embrittlement". In addition, when metal contaminants and decomposition products in the bath is too long, can make the coating produces "hydrogenembrittlement".