Future Metal Surface Treatment Industry How To Go, So This Is The Ultimate Attribution

All involved in the metal industry, the surface treatment technology. The metal surface treatment technology in the market is endless, enterprises on the process selection is also dazzling. In the last century 890 's, electroplating in the field of metal surface treatment is "smash". Low cost and high efficiency make many enterprises favor electroplating process. But the environmental malpractice brought by Electroplating technology has seriously affected people's life.

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and the state's increasing environmental protection efforts, the traditional electroplating process is not in line with the trend of the times. Some related enterprises must realize technological innovation and industrial structure adjustment to rebuild their way of live. According to little compiled understanding, in recent years, the continuous occurrence of electroplating plant due to improper operation caused by fire and explosion, environmental pollution and other problems. Electroplating, as the preferred object of metal surface treatment, can be solved by itself.

Is there a prospect for the metal surface treatment industry?

In the face of the drawbacks of traditional electroplating technology, many electroplating plants are looking for an environmentally friendly technology that can replace electroplating. Times are changing and innovation is constant. No matter at any time, only technological innovation can bring about social development. In the metal surface treatment industry, but also to "technology-based", in response to the national call. In the face of the harmful effects of traditional electroplating technology, the state vigorously advocates green environmental protection, pollution-free metal surface treatment technology. This, I believe, also indicates the way forward for the metal surface treatment industry.

Beijing Zhongke Innovation is a science and technology research and development, promotion, transfer of scientific research units, specializing in metal surface treatment for more than 20 years. Among them, their "alloy catalytic liquid" technology is to help hundreds of enterprises successfully transformed. "Alloy catalytic liquid" technology is under the national call came into being, it has a "green environmental protection, energy saving, low cost and other characteristics of the metal surface treatment industry is the ultimate attribution." Under the national guidelines, Beijing Zhongke Innovation for the realization of sky-blue, green, water to give their own power!