Innovation Of Environmental Protection Surface Treatment Technology

April 22, 2017, is the 48th World Earth Day. This year, the theme of World Earth Day activity is "save intensive use of resources, advocate Green minimalist life-tell us about our earth story". A series of environmental protection activities have been carried out throughout the country at the dawn of Earth Day. Carry out a series of theme activities aimed at arousing human beings to cherish the Earth, protect their homeland consciousness and improve the overall environment of the Earth. Advocating Low-carbon life, advocating green travel, has become the mainstream of modern people a way of life. Earth Day as a cosmopolitan festival, human protection of the environment is obligatory.

The world is really big, otherwise there will be no "the world so big, I want to see" impulse mentality. All things in the world have our chance to meet the beautiful, encounter a world of pure land, as if the whole universe. All the beauty of the world stems from its inner green and healthy visage. The choice and adherence to the cause of environmental protection, more vitality. Division I after 20 years of wind and rain course, all the way, always to "innovative environmental protection" for the development of the banner. As an environment-friendly metal surface treatment experts, I am determined to do the field of metal surface treatment model, to promote the development of world environmental protection, and actively undertake the social mission of enterprises.

Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment. It's a good day for world Earth. Protect the environment, not shouting slogans, more is to each of us to put action, so that the protection of the environment is a normal. As an individual, we just set an example and start from ourselves, which is the best gift we can give to the earth. Big to the country, small to the group, cherish the environment is our constant belief. In life, pollution is everywhere. When it comes to the metal surface treatment industry, it pollutes the environment with great deterrent power. A little attention will cause permanent harm to the environment and mankind. In recent years, the metal surface treatment industry constantly updated technology, reduce pollution, reduce the damage to the environment. Environmental innovation High-tech, metal surface treatment industry is hot processing technology.

"New generation of environmental protection special surface alloy catalytic liquid" technology is a professional alternative to the traditional electroplating of environmental protection technology, it in environmental protection, anti-corrosion, energy-saving, and other aspects of the innovation of research. 2017 also successively obtained the national related qualifications certificate, in the product quality, the environmental protection performance has done the Acme. In the center of strict standards control, to provide customers with stable quality, environmental protection and healthy product technology. On Earth Day, our chairman, Mr. Li Shichang, advocated civilized travel, Low-carbon life. At all times, it is guided by national policy. The State vigorously advocates innovative environmental protection new technology, my secretary's alloy catalytic liquid will emerge, this is the trend, the general direction. As the global environmental situation continues to deteriorate, the world's environmental protection business is a long way off. Any enterprise, all must take "the master" The attitude treats the Earth kindly, protects the environment, constructs the human beautiful homeland.

Division I with environmentally friendly products to help customers eliminate pollution, to bring customers environmental protection innovation "New Horizons", for the human environment to contribute to the cause of their own strength!