Nickle Electroplating Common Five Fault Solution

Nickle Electroplating of is mainly bad: poor pretreatment, metal impurities, boric acid content is too small, the bath temperature is too low will lead to Nickle Electroplating layer pinhole, and bath maintenance and strict control process is the key. Solve the following "nine" big trouble, the basic problem to control the.

1) Ma Hang (pinhole)

Ma Hang (pinhole) is the result of contamination of organic matter. Large linen usually shows that there is oil pollution to decompose the oil and carbon. Poor mixing, you can not expel the bubbles, it will form the pit (pinhole) can use wetting agent to reduce its impact.

2) rough (burr)

Roughness that the solution is dirty by the full filter can be corrected too high to form a hydroxide precipitation, should be controlled; current density is too high, the anode mud and add water impure impurity, serious will produce rough (burr) The

3) low binding force

If the copper coating is not activated to remove the oxide layer of copper and nickel between the adhesion is poor, it will produce coating peeling phenomenon. If the current interruption may cause the self-peeling of the nickel coating; the temperature is too low, will also produce peeling phenomenon.

4) The coating is brittle and poor in solderability

When the coating is bent or subjected to a certain degree of wear, it usually reveals the brittleness of the coating, which indicates the presence of organic or heavy metal contamination. Too many additives, so that the coating of organic matter and decomposition products increased, is the main source of organic pollution can be treated with activated carbon; heavy metal impurities can be removed by electrolysis and other methods.

5) The coating is dark and uneven in color

The coating is dark and uneven in color indicates metal contamination. Because the copper is generally the first nickel plating, so with the copper solution is the main source of pollution. It is important to minimize the amount of copper solution that is attached to the surface. In order to eliminate the metal contamination in the nickel-plated tank, the corrugated steel plate is used as the cathode and electrolytically treated at a current density of 02-0.5A / dm2. Poor pretreatment, poor surface coating, current density is too small, the main salt concentration is too low, the conductive contact will affect the coating color.