Nickle Electroplating Is Mainly Used As A Protective Decorative Coating

Nickle Electroplating is mainly used to protect decorative coatings.

Nickle Electroplating iron-based coating, is a cathode coating.

Its high porosity, and therefore will have to use the bottom of the copper layer or use multiple nickel plating.

Nickle Electroplating from the plating solution is not bright, but easy to Poland.

Use some brightener to obtain a glossy bright nickel layer.

Widely used in automotive, bicycles, watches, medical equipment, instrumentation, hardware tools, and other parts containing chloride sulfate - chloride solution, known as "w" Nickle Electroplating solution in the production process, the most extensive.

Parts will be the cathode, pure nickel plate Yang level, hanging into the nickel sulfate, sodium chloride and boric acid as a matching electrolyte, nickel plating.

If the plating solution is added to sodium naphthalene disulfonate, saccharin, coumarin, p-toluenesulfonamide and brightener, you can directly obtain bright nickel plating and not finish.