Rose Gold Electroplating Process Complex

Rose gold jewelry because of its gorgeous elegance, popular in today's international jewelry industry trend of fashion.

The current jewelry market, there are two kinds of rose gold jewelry:

1, jewelry matrix using rose gold alloy formula processing, rose color belongs to its true color;

2, the jewelry matrix is the other K gold alloy, surface plating rose gold.

Rose gold matrix jewelry, complex process, and thus relatively high cost, more common in high-end brand jewelry. Rose Gold Electroplating process is the late nineties of the last century popular plating process. At present, the rose Gold Electroplating process is stable, simple operation, the solution of the deep plating capacity and plating capacity is excellent, the cost is low. Able to get popular rose gold, bright color, uniform, with excellent decorative effect. And thus in the jewelry processing industry has been widely used.

Six, rose Gold Electroplating maintenance

1, K gold ductility is high, should be careful not to pull the necklace and other accessories, but also pay attention not to wrap around the hair

2, each piece of K gold jewelry placed in a separate jewelry box or drawer, to avoid scratches

3, usually in the final steps to wear K gold jewelry, because perfume, hair spray and other chemicals will damage K gold jewelry

4, in the home cleaning work, you should first remove the K gold jewelry, because the detergent and other liquid will make K gold jewelry color becomes bleak

5, do not wear K gold jewelry swimming, in addition to easy to lose, the salt water and chlorine will damage the gold jewelry

6, pay attention to the preservation of rose gold environment, to avoid contact with acid and alkali environment and chemicals; salt water, chlorine will damage 18k rose gold jewelry.