Rose Gold Electroplating Process Jewelry Maintenance Method!

Rose gold jewelry how to maintain? Rose gold jewelry because of its gorgeous elegance, popular in today's international jewelry industry trend of fashion circles, here we come together to understand the next rose gold jewelry maintenance methods!

What is the rose gold? Rose gold, also known as pink gold, red gold, is a gold and copper alloy, because it is very stylish, beautiful rose red color, it is widely used in jewelry design and processing. Rose gold is the main component of pure gold + copper + silver / zinc, because of its high proportion of synthetic, and has a strong ductility, high hardness, color changing characteristics, rose gold jewelry used in exquisite gold ornaments, Very good to play its responsible design creativity.

At present, the jewelry market, there are two kinds of rose gold jewelry, one jewelry base is other K gold alloy, surface plating rose gold, the other is the use of rose gold alloy formula processing, rose metal in its true color. Rose Gold Electroplating process popular in the world The late nineties, the current rose Gold Electroplating process is stable, simple operation, the solution of deep plating capacity and plating capacity is excellent, low cost, and can get a good popular rose gold, color Bright, with a good decorative effect.

1, wear rose gold jewelry to avoid contact with cosmetics, cosmetics easy to make 18K gold discoloration, in daily life to wear rose gold jewelry can use glasses cloth to wipe, wash your face when you can not take the rose gold jewelry off, but need to remember after washing Wrap the rose gold jewelry with water. When doing strenuous exercise, it is best not to wear rose gold jewelry, a sports sweat easy to make the rose gold jewelry depreciation, and second movement caused by pulling may lead to jewelry deformation.

2, if the rose gold jewelry with diamonds, you need to pay attention to the maintenance of diamonds. I believe we all know that the diamond has a lipophilic, grease, stains to the surface of the rose gold will make the diamond looks dull, loss of the original attraction, so we have to keep the diamond cleanliness in the daily life to avoid With your fingers often touch the diamond, the skin of the human body can also cause the dust of the jewelry, the only way to make its beauty, rose gold jewelry to achieve the best decorative effect, the release of a different kind of fashion charm.

3, diamonds have a high chemical stability, but the hot oxidants such as bleach, but it can corrode some of the diamonds in the weak direction of the crystal face, resulting in artificial pit erosion, so we must in daily life Be careful to prevent diamonds from bleaching.

4, cleaning rose gold jewelry can go to the jewelry store to buy professional jewelry cleaning agent, the jewelry placed in jewelry detergent, and then rinse with water, and then dry with a fine flannel, rose gold jewelry can also be sent to the professional Jewelry shop for maintenance and maintenance.