Will Gold Electroplating Out Of Color?

Gold Electroplating jewelry production is generally based on phosphorous copper as the main material, at high temperature forging from the above covered with gold-plated layer, according to the different thickness of the gold layer is divided into gold and gold and gold. Gold-plated gold layer thickness of 1 microphone (microphone (mic) for the international standard gold layer thickness of the unit) around, gold in about three meters.

    Gold Electroplating Electroplated gold has a metallic luster, not easy to fade, but if you do not pay attention to maintenance or fade and some other problems.

    1, absolutely do not wear gold-plated shower, beauty, hair, soap, shampoo, etc., gold will occur chemical reaction black, corrosion, surface peeling, and ordinary natural oxidation is different from the gold plating if the surface gold Layer fade will show a dark black plating transition layer.

    2, every day after wearing a soft cotton cloth will sweat the surface, stains wipe clean, if sweating more, every day to clean, some people sweat acidic, with the coating chemical reaction.

    3, with 18k gold and three-dimensional sculpture made of silver, should be deliberately wiped with Sassafras cloth wipe shiny lead to fade.

    4, after each wear should be put back to the sealed box or special plastic bags, gold jewelry to avoid direct contact with air lead to oxidation discoloration.

Gold ElectroplatingIf the landlord in the usual use of attention to the above, basically your gold jewelry is completely assured that the use of 5 years no problem, of course, depends on your use rate.