Nickle Electroplating Electronic Products Electroplating

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Nickle Electroplating Electronic products Electroplating



Nickle Electroplating Electronic products Electroplating, nickel-plated a wide range of applications to protect the substrate material from corrosion or bright decorative effect, the hardness of nickel coating is relatively high, can improve the wear resistance of the surface In functional applications, in particular parts of the industry about 1 ~ 3mm thick nickel, can achieve the purpose of repair. In particular, Nickle Electroplating Electronic products Electroplating is widely used in continuous casting molds, molds for electronic components, die-casting molds for alloys, complex aerospace engine parts, and manufacture of microelectronic components.





We can provide:

·Coating SGS Report

·X - ray fluorescence thickness measurement

·Salt spray test Corrosion resistance report

·Analysis of Metal Concentration in Electroplating Solution


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