Tri-metal Electroplating RF Connector Electroplating

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Tri-metal Electroplating RF Connector Electroplating




Tri-metal Eletroplating RF Connector Electroplating alloy to meet the high-frequency connections in the broadband range of the maximum conductivity requirements arising from the addition, the "ternary alloy plating technology" can make the RF device in the industrial gas, perspiration and other corrosion or scratch , Maintaining a good appearance, and unprotected silver coating even in the usual environment will be rapid oxidation. "Ternary alloy plating technology" has been widely used in coaxial connectors, filters, waveguide and microwave devices and other RF devices. "Ternary alloy plating technology" combines the excellent electrical conductivity of silver and "ternary alloy" of corrosion resistance, and Tri-metal Eletroplating RF Connector Electroplating thin coating in the 10GHz range, does not affect the performance of silver excellent electrical conductivity.





We can provide:

·Coating SGS Report

·X - ray fluorescence thickness measurement

·Salt spray test Corrosion resistance report

·Analysis of Metal Concentration in Electroplating Solution


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